YoloPay was started when the founders, Ravi and Daniel, in their long experience of working in global banks and other industries, decided that the customer service and tools that banks used in Singapore were just not up to scratch. And cost way too much. In particular, there were many situations, such as in the modern household or business, where there were way too many frictions and people were happy just compromising because there was no alternative. Read some research on challenges Singaporean families face with managing money in the household (Link Here). No more compromises!

Here at YoloPay, we want to change that. We want to connect your bank to our Mobile App service designed just for you and your family, friends, or staff, whoever you have responsibility for. We want to make sure you can move money around more easily, have more control and also earn way more benefits targeted just on YOU.

We have built a world-class platform working with our Partners such as Visa, to deliver you a cutting edge, secure platform to manage your household finances. Try it out. We're confident we can make your life easier so you can focus on yourself, your family and your priorities.