Your Questions Answered

1. About YoloLite

YoloLite, the mobile App and prepaid card from YoloPay, allows you to manage and share family spend from your phone. Load money to your YoloLite account and send it instantly to your Dependent’s own YoloLite Card, set individually customised controls and track in real time when and where they spend from using your YoloLite App.
The Provider is an individual resident in Singapore and at least eighteen years of age, generally the parent or guardian, that is managing the household and Dependent's expenses. The designated parent or guardian within the family to sign up as a Provider will be the responsible for its Dependents use of the YoloLite Services.
A Dependent in YoloLite is an individual who can be family member and/or a household associate for example a domestic helper, gardener, driver, etc. to whom you are responsible for with regards to cash disbursement and spending. A Dependent will be assigned with a prepaid card to spend and a mobile App to track spending and communicate with you, the Provider (the Parent or Guardian) responsible for the family.
Download the App from the Android or iOS store, sign up from your smartphone and invite your family and Dependents to join you from the app, then order the YoloLite Visa prepaid cards for them.
YoloLite is designed for families or households with the need to manage and control household disbursements and expenses. If you are at least 18 years old and resident of Singapore you can sign up for a YoloLite account and invite the Dependents in your family or Household.
Yes, YoloLite uses the latest security standards including the same encryption standards that is used by Banks to make sure you and your Dependents are secure online. YoloLite also provides you real-time alerts so you can track of your cards have been misused.
You can find all the Fees and Frees in the following link.
The YoloLite Founders are the first 1,000 customers that sign up to YoloLite to help test the service and also to become evangelists for the growth of the YoloLite community. In return, they become honorary customers with special privileges and opportunities for new features and promotions first.
YoloPay Pte. Ltd is the company behind YoloLite, incorporated in Singapore in 2014 (UEN: 201415981C), with its registered address at 3 Fusionopolis Place, #03-58, Galaxis, Singapore 138523.
Wirecard Singapore Pte is the issuer and payment processor of the YoloLite Visa prepaid card. For more information about Wirecard, please visit the About Us section of their website.
Wirecard Singapore Pte. Ltd. as the holder of the YoloLite Card “non-relevant” Stored Value Facility under the Payment Systems (Oversight) Act, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. You are advised to read our Terms & Conditions carefully.

2. On-Boarding

Sign up will take you less than 3 minutes, you need to provide some basic information to us and order your first card free of charge for your Dependent, this are the easy steps:
a) Download the YoloLite App for Android or iOS;
b) Click Sign up;
c) Create your unique login credentials to be able to login into the YoloLite App, such as email address, mobile number (must be the same from where you are registering) and password. At this point you can also take a selfie to make it your profile picture;
d) Click next to provide you personal info for KYC (Know Your Customer) and security reasons, the information we need is your: Full name, preferred name (optional) , gender, date of birth, NRIC/FIN number, place of birth and nationality;
e) Click next to provide your shipping address, where you will receive the YoloLite prepaid card/s;
f) And last, to set up your account we will send you the One Time Passcode (OTP) to your registered phone, introduce the code and you will be part of the family. Then you can invite you first Dependent.
You can invite your first Dependent right from the on-boarding process and in case of having more Dependents, you can do that from the App.
a) After you have set up your account, see question above, you can invite your first Dependent right in the next step;
b) Click Next: Add Member, and provide your Dependent personal information: Full and last name, preferred name (optional), gender, NRIC/FIN, date of birth, place of birth, and nationality and member status (e.g.: Husband/Wife, child, helper, elderly parent, etc.);
c) Click next to read and accept what we call The Legal Stuff. This step requires you to read and understand the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy, tick the acknowledge button to continue and send the invitation;
d) Enter your Dependent mobile number, this is important as we will link your Dependent via mobile phone and, also, your Dependent will use his or her mobile to login in their personal Yololite Ap. Click next to send the card to your registered address.
You can invite up to four Dependents, the first one will get the YoloLite Card for free, afterwards $10 per card fee will apply.
In case you want to invite more than four Dependents you can contact us directly [email protected].
YoloLite is a solution for families with multiple household members to make transfers, group management or spending for children or other Dependents, easier and safer. YoloLite is not advised for single person use.

3. The YoloLite Card

Yes, YoloLite Is as secure as any other Visa card that you may already have in your wallet. The Visa YoloLite Card issued by Wirecard uses the latest security standards including the same encryption standards that is used by Banks to make sure you and your Dependents are secure online. YoloLite also provides you real-time alerts so you can track if your cards have been misused.
No, The YoloLite Card is not a Credit Card but a Visa prepaid card issued by Wirecard. Your Dependents can only spend the available balance in the card so it is designed to allow you to only spend what you have but also with the ability for the Parent or Guardian to reload more money instantly. We want to encourage responsible money management and spending so no more credit cards when not needed, only the perks.
In this case both the Provider Account Holder or the Dependent, can lock a card. However, only the Provider Account Holder can unlock the card. To Lock the card:
a) Login to your YoloLite App;
b) Open the Side Menu and go to Controls;
c) Tap the Dependent which you would like to Lock the card for;
d) Hit the On/Off button, to Lock or Unlock the card.
For the Dependent:
a) Login to the Dependent YoloLite App;
b) Put the thumb on the middle of the Card Balance and scroll up to access Member;
c) Hit the On/Off button, to Lock the card;
d) Confirmation message will remind you that you can not unlock the card from your App and you need your parent or guardian to do it for you.
You can set limits and alerts to control how much and when your Dependent(s) spend on the Control section of your YoloLite App, from there you can set limits for:
- Single Transaction limits. (E.g.: “No transactions allowed of more than $100).
- Time restrictions : (E.g.: “Not spending after 7.00 pm).
And you can set Alerts for:
- Low Balance Notifications (E.g.: Notify me if balance goes below $50).
 Merchant Alerts: Set alerts if your dependents spend on: Food anddrinks, fashion, travel and taxi, pharmacy and cosmetics, games andelectronics, and entertainment.

4. Loading, transfering and spending

You can top up money conveniently and securely from your bank account via FAST transfer to your YoloLite Loading Account (powered by Xfers). The Loading Account allows you to securely and instantly move money from your bank account to YoloLite where you can either transfer to your Holding Balance or directly to the Dependent Cardholder Balance.
Your money will be available on your balance within 2 minutes.
Click on Transfer and choose a dependent to receive your transfer; Enter the amount you would like to transfer and add an optional note, and then click confirm.That’s all! and instantly.
The YoloLite prepaid card is a Visa card and this means that you can use the card everywhere that Visa is accepted, online and offline on point of sales (E.g.: shops, restaurants, etc)
Sure! You can use your YoloLite card anywhere Visa is accepted, Visa is accepted at over 40 million merchants in over 200 countries and territories around the world.
You can not use your card at ATM’s locally or internationally. Cash withdrawal is not allowed. Additionally, per the Laws in Singapore, you can not use your card at gambling venues.

5. KYC

To help the government fight terrorism and money laundering and to comply with regulatory requirements, we may require you to provide proof of identity (such as copy of passport or other means of identity verification) after performing your first Top Up of up to $1,000.
Your Dependent only needs to provide some basic personal information such as full name, NRIC/FIN, gender and date of birth, but generally not required to